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Welcome our blog Lash and Shadow. Ever wondered how celebs look so hot on the red carpet? Or maybe just a little something that winks at the cute guy behind the counter? From contacts to eyebrows, we are going to break it down and get you to score the looks you love at home.

Personally Speaking

It’s funny now when I look back at how much I have learned over the years about glaming up in eyeshadows and shades. It really seems like a 180-degree turn. When I was in high school there was a group of girls who just seemed born with the knowledge of how to “get the look”. From creating the perfect cat eye to rock the orange and black contacts, to the simple smoldering eye. I mean their skills could put some adult women to shame, really. These were real lash and shadow mavens.

Oh, and my personal favorite: How the makeup stayed in place all day?!

Meanwhile, I was the same age and could barely keep the eyeliner from giving me a black eye before noon. I was by no means a lash and shadow queen and thought I was doing something when I knew what eye pencils were. After getting over myself for two seconds, I asked these glamazons how they did it. And man did they ever show me a thing or two (or three). I received a crash course in how to shape your own eyebrows (cause these girls didn’t pay for what they could do themselves), create a cats eye to make a siamese envious and how to flirt with just your lashes. However, at 15 my parents were a no go on the whole beauty routine. They were alright with a neutral shadow and lip gloss, but that was about as far as they would let me go.

That did not keep me from learning the “how to’s” it just delayed the implementation.

Tools of the Trade

If you are anything like I was then, I thought one brush to do it all (and usually it was the little breakable wand that comes with the palette). Never dreaming that there are whole kits that could be obtained. Of course, if I had realized this I probably would have been scared into giving it all up.

But while my parents wouldn’t let me rock the look all out, they did tolerate experiments and bought the magazines. So I had plenty of material to try out once the ban was lifted. I ruined a few good tank tops on the way (I didn’t know what a fan brush was at the time), but I figured out a few good looks for myself. I learned that blue and pink looked great and a sparkly almost anything was practically a need to have.


Our Objective

We are here to help you discover the fun of the eye palette and the difference between pressed powder and baked eye shadow. Not to mention where to get the tools you need to create the look you want. You will be the lash and shadow maven you were meant to be after you look at what we show you.

Of course, taking care of your tools so that they will take care of you is also important and something you need to make sure that you are doing. There is nothing like getting pink eye from using a dirty brush.

We are here to help you elevate your look and boldly stare that lash comb in the face without flinching. There is more than one way to create a cat eye and you will look fabulous afterward.

Should you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



P.S. Azalea is a real person. It is simply what they call in the writing world a Nom de Plume


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