Eye Glitter and Shine

If you think anything like most people, you assume that eye glitter and shine is just for the club or Mardi Gras. This is nowhere near true. Now that we have spent some time conquering the basics, it’s time to take it up a notch. So grab some eye gems and glitter and let’s get started.

All that Glitters

There really is nothing quite like adding a little glitter to your eyes. A subtle shine will do for daytime and then rock a one eye special at night. By now you should have come across some great eyeshadow palettes that include some shades with eye glitter. For choosing a day look, it really depends on where you work or what activity you are going to be going to. As much as we might wish, every look does not belong everywhere. You do not want to show up at the office looking like you’ve been at the club all night.

However, if you are for the sake of argument, working at a club; then by all means go with the flow. Once you have defined the crease and applied eyeshadow on the lower lid, apply on the lash line on the upper lid as well.  You do not have to use the same color. This is a great work look that has great oomph without being overdone.

So your basic steps are: 

1. Choose your eyeshadow – a shade with subtle glitter and shine that will enhance the lid

2. Choose the color for crease definition – usually a darker shade – you don’t need to apply heavily during the day, but at night you can rock it all out

3. Slide a bit of the crease definition color to the lower lid as well – for a bit more oomph apply lightly at the lash line on the upper lid

And do not worry we have a great video at the end of the article that shows you how to do this also. 

Now taking things from our basic steps, we can start to get serious about our eye glitter. Just like a regular eyeshadow, eye glitter can be found multiple ways as well.

Karizma Beauty Holographic Chunky Glitter

Loose pigments, gems, and jewels- Just like loose powder. Can be used with powder or cream shadows to create a great look. I have a preference for the loose pigments. Just a few taps over a primed lid or a subtle color and I am good to go.

Pressed- Just like regular eyeshadow. Glitter can be found in 1 or 2 colors together or on nice size palettes with a variety of colors. This is great for those just trying out eye glitter. Very easy application, especially since you now know all about pressed eyeshadows

Crayon- Just as the name implies. Very easy application and awesome when all you want is a bit of sparkle in certain parts of the lid. I find that a great way to pump up a look is to add a bit in the corner of the eye or just on the lower lash line.

Just so you know, eye glitter shadows can be used in lieu of regular shadows or in conjunction with them. Once you get the hang of your chosen preference; believe me when I say with a bit of practice all that glitters will be your eyes.

Eye Jewels

Oh, the looks you can create for your eyes with a few simple or exotic looking eye jewels and crystals. From the bashful bell to the queen of the crowd, you’ll find pretty much anything to suit your taste. Like so much of the eye candy, we have already discussed these can also be found in a few varieties:

Pre-organized kits   – now these come in two different ways. Either a full eye/face pack or in single strips. What I like about these eye gem kits is that they are organized so that you know how the look is supposed to be when you finish. Not to mention the adhesive stripes are easy to apply with fingers or tweezers.


If you are going to go with loose gems for your look; I would suggest laying out the design you want to create so as not to get lost during the application. These can easily be found here or at your Michaels or next best craft store. Just be sure to look at the pack to be sure that you are getting a variety rather than a single type.

Loose eye gems and jewels and pigments- to me these are both the easiest and the hardest to use. They allow for maximum flexibility with your look but requires lots of creativity to use effectively.

Now depending on the steadiness of your hands, you may choose to have a friend help you do this the first few times. I only suggest this as a way of you being able to blame them when the look doesn’t come out right. Just kidding, your friends want you to look good at the party as well. Besides, what better way to kick off a girls night than with a little wine and eye glitter?

So, for once in your life don’t adhere to the basics. Get out there and show that all that glitters are your shadows and shades.


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7 thoughts on “Eye Glitter and Shine

  1. Loose gems and jewels and pigments- to me these are both the easiest and the hardest to use.Agree your advice.Now people wants easy to use with quality product .Good post with good content.

  2. Hi Azalea,

    This is an awesome post! I’ve actually shared it with my sister, who is a barmaid, and is totally into standing out from the crowd when it comes to her hair and makeup. She has already started experimenting with glitter and is now excited to accentuate with gems.

    1. Hello Michele,

      Thank you for coming by and thanks so much for sharing our blog with your sister. We would love to see her new glitter and gem looks. Please come back and share them with us😊😊

      Thanks again


  3. Hello Mercedes, nice post. I have noticed that a lot of women usually would wear eye glitter and shine for a Mardi Gras event. These are some very good points, and the women will love to learn this tips from you.

    1. Hello Ahmad

      Thank you for stopping by. I would love to help them with ideas for the next big look. Send them on. Also we will be featuring our readers favorite looks soon. So please tell your friends to keep their eyes peeled for how to be apart of Lash and Shadow.

      Hope you come by again.

  4. Hello Sophia,

    Thanks for stopping by. I agree there is a look for every occasion as long as the look doesn’t say Bozo lmao. Well unless it’s a convention or something.

    I’m really into royal blue right now. It’s summer and it looks hot 😉

    Thanks again for stopping by. We will be showing off our readers favorite looks soon. So keep your eyes peeled and watch for how to be apart of Lash and Shadow


  5. As a person with Almond shaped eyes, I am always experimenting with new makeup looks. I especially love wearing eye “candy” and using bright beautiful colors. I think its okay to wear whatever kind of makeup for whatever kind of occasion ( as long as you don’t make yourself look ridiculous) My favorite color of eyeliner and eyeshadow to wear is sky blue.

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