Eye Shadows and Shades

Glamming it up in eye shadow and shades is probably the most fun of the whole make-up experience. There are no worries about finding the right color either. Think creamy blues and greens brought out by liquid browns and pinks. With so many different types of shadows and an array of shades, there is definitely something for you to bat an eye in.

Out with the Eye Shadow

The first thing to remember is that all good beauty routines start with a clean slate. So before you pull out your palettes of shades and shadows, go and wash your face. I prefer to air dry; but if you use a towel, pat dry, gently especially around the eyes.

Primer – this is a crucial step many of us miss. It’s important because primer prepared your lids to accept the eye shadow. It will also help reduce the wrinkles and creases that are common with different types of shadows. The primer can be applied with fingers or a brush.

Powder – this the most common and the one most of us start with. You will find them in a variety of ways such as single colors, duos, and larger palettes. I love eye shadow palettes as they offer a great variety of bold colors and glitter shades as well.

Creams – these come in cute little pots and are also great for beginners. The downside is that they are not typically waterproof nor do they hold up well in really hot weather. So if you are trying to look sexy at the beach. Choose something else.

Loose – think along the lines of loose face powder. Loose shadows are very

BONNIE CHOICE loose eye shadow

pigmented so you will get striking color. However, they can be very dry; so they are not great for dry skin.

Stick/Crayon – as this suggests it basically looks like one of those thick toddler crayons. They are extremely versatile and make application on the lower lid a breeze.

Liquid – this comes in tubes very much like lip gloss. So please be careful when reaching in your beauty bag. It may be intimidating but no worries; the application is easier than it looks.

Baked – now I was so surprised by this the first thing I thought of was pie. These eye shadow palettes are actually baked in an oven rather than being pressed. While it was new to me a few years ago, it has actually been on the market for some time.

And into the Shades

The most basic way of explaining shades is to blend one color with a  lighter or darker hue to create a different shade. Remember back in school when your art teacher showed you the color wheel? Well, it’s essentially the same concept. Your eye shadows can be mixed together to create awesome effects.

Blending your eye shadow starts with having the right tools. Ideally, you should have a Tapered Blending Brush, a Crease Brush, and a Contour Brush. Just like you can never have too many eyeshadows, you can never have too many brushes but these are a great start. Also just like your beauty routine starts with a clean face; so it goes with your brushes. Clean brushes not only perform better but also keep down the risks of irritating your eyes.

One of the easiest ways to begin blending your eyeshadow is to pick out two colors with one obviously being darker. Start with the lighter shade in the corner of the eye, and work toward the middle of the lid. How light or dark the finish will depend on the type of eye shadow and how much light was applied. Now taking the darker shade from where you left off, continue to the outer edge if your upper lid. Taking a clean brush you can begin to move in a circular motion across the lid to blend the shadows into a different shade.

After practicing this you can begin creating different effects by blending darker colors at the outer edge of the upper lid. Glitter shadows make a great compliment to your look day or night. Also creating brightness by simply adding a lighter shade in the corner of the eye. Creating or accentuating a crease can be done in a darker color. Simply use a clean brush and blend color up and into the desired crease area.

There is nothing to fear from blending entirely different colors together either. With clean brushes and colorful palettes, you’ll soon be a master of shadows and shades.

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  1. I’m a total newbie when to makeup. I rarely wear it, and when I do, I just usually slap on some eyeliner and fill in my eyebrows. If I’m lucky I’ll put some powder on my face as well. But these little tips you gave are so helpful. It has for sure helped me understand the world of makeup a little bit better. So thanks for that 🙂

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      Thanks for stopping by Lash and Shadow. I know the feeling, I had a hard time when I first started also. If you have any questions please let us know.

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