How to Find Great Colored Contact Lenses


The only person who gets the last word on the details of your look is you. Welcome to the world of colored contact lenses. There are many variations to keep your look fresh and up to date every day of the year and NOT get bored. With so many colors to play in, those you work with may never discover your true eye color.

Changing Colors

Picture from Wicked Eyes

Colored contact lenses are practically the highlight of any day or night eye candy. Your clothes may say belle of the ball, but your eyes can say creature if the night. Colored lenses are a great way to amp up lashes and shadows or throw a complete curve ball. There are a variety of colors and shades that are suitable for every eye color, that will give an awesome effect when over your own eye color. I seen distributors who even carry colored lenses that react to black lights. Now how cool would it be for you to be tearing up that dark dance floor with eyes that light up the night?

I know for a while I was a huge vampire fan and simply could not get enough of the Twilight series or the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I had a marvelous time lifting my lashes to reveal black rimmed, solid black, or gold-flecked eyes. I even did it at work during the week of Halloween.

Unlike previously, contact lenses are much more reusable and disposable than ever before. So you can do a one and done or save them for another day. Many lenses can be used for 60-90 days in consecutive days of wear. Most vendors sell contacts either in singles or pairs and colored contact lenses are no different.

Designs Inside your Eyes

Alright, now colored lenses with graphic designs, is where it gets real people. Let’s talk about lenses that have given you great zombie looks or black and white checkered designs.  And do not believe the hype; graphic lenses are not just for Halloween parties. They can be worn day or night and in practically every environment; and if you choose, those around you do not need to know either.

Just like colors, there is a vast array of designs to choose from such as checkerboards, barcodes, plants; trust me if you look for it, you’ll find it.

Where to Get Them

Well, this is the long and short of it. While colored contact lenses are widely available, they are not typically something you can pick up off the shelf in a regular store. Which only means you’ll get carried away ordering them. Now as I mentioned before, make sure you pay attention to the quantity that you are ordering. Not everything will come as a pair, you will need to be sure that you are ordering the right amount. The description will tell you if you are ordering singles or if the option you want comes in a pair.

Now for those who need a prescription or special lenses…, it is why contacts can be purchased in singles.  It’s true, every eye is different. Consequently, adjustments have been made in the process in which contacts are purchased. No sense in having you waste money of a pair when one eye might have astigmatism and the other does not.

A Few Things to Know

While many distributors ensure that lenses are optimized so as not to interfere with your line of sight there may be a reduction in your peripheral vision. Walk around in a safe environment to ensure you can see properly.

We suggest that you do not share contact lenses with anyone; including family. Contacts are considered medical devices and should be treated that way. When you share contacts you risk spreading or receiving an infection.

People with astigmatism or presbyopia aren’t left out either. You too can amp up your look without walking into walls. Carefully read the descriptions of the lenses before purchase to ensure they will be something you can wear comfortably.

Colored contact lenses and those with graphic designs can be purchased individually or in pairs. Be sure to read purchase descriptions to be sure that you order the correct quantity needed.

The most common complaints about contact lenses tend to be related to not following instructions as to care. Look at the manufacturers’ instructions for use and cleansing and purchase a cleansing solution that suits your needs.

Creating a captivating look with colored contact lenses can be an exhilarating experience. And not just because it’s shopping. There is no such thing as buyers remorse when you find the perfect pair of lenses to set off those fabulous lashes and shadows.

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8 thoughts on “How to Find Great Colored Contact Lenses

  1. Its amazing how content lenses have progressed on from when they first came out. The flexibility of how long one can wear them for. The coloured and graphic designed ones sound great and for people who wear them, some must be really pleased about these being around, come in useful for halloween.

    1. Hello Eden,

      I know right?! Remember when they were one use only? Or when those with eye concerns such as astigmatism had no alternative but glasses. Contacts sure have come a long long way.

      Colored and Graphic lenses certainly do turn heads and can be worn all year round. Instead of the traditional “ugly sweater” party see who can come up with the craziest color or design lenses. Come back and show us the winner!

      Thanks for coming by


      1. Hello Rhaiymundt,

        With all the different colors and designs on contact lenses, it is easy to catch a bit of attention. Especially, when you go bold with designs.

        Have you ever gotten a great reaction from wearing them at parties? It’s hilarious when your friends discover what is so different about your eyes.

        Thanks for coming by. Hope to see you again soon


  2. I would love to wear contact lenses but my eyes have never got used to them and as for different colored ones, It would be really helpful to wear tinted ones if they do them to protect eyes from the sunlight.

    I love the Halloween idea, there just seems to be a very good market for this niche.

    It is very important to remind people to take care of their contact lenses to avoid infection and to make them last longer.

    1. Hello Darren,

      Thanks for stopping by. I completely agree, good lens care keeps down the risk of infections and damage to your eyes. After all contacts are considered medical devices and should be treated as such.

      Unfortunately, contact lenses are not designed to cover the complete eye, so they can not be used as a substitute for sunglasses.

      Come on back later and check out our product reviews. Maybe you’ll find a good gift idea.

      See you soon

  3. I am thinking about colored lenses for a while now, and you got me very interested. Love the way they change eyes and personality at the same time. Going to try them asap!

    1. Hello Dan,

      Colored lenses are a blast. You can use them to make subtle changes or do the dramatic. I have a great time with them and the reactions you get is always so much fun.

      Come back and show off for us with a pic. You can be apart of Lash and Shadow too.

      Looking forward to seeing your new eyes

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