Homeless Prevention

Helping those who need it most

Every year thousands of families face the possibility that they may not make it the next month. Sadly, organizations vying for money to help these families is in short supply. This is an unfortunate fact that I know all too well.

You know me as Azalea or even just the Admin here on Lash and Shadow, but my name is Mercedus, and I am a real live person who has been through this and very much hope to never have to go through it again. It’s a humbling experience to look at where you live and wonder how long you will be able to stay there.

In 2018 I sat in an old gym with about 20-25 other people all looking for rental assistance. The organization Catholic Charities had 3 gifts of $500 they had available to award and they would do so by lottery. At this point, most of us started looking around at each other. I mean, seriously how would all of us get the help we needed.

This is where I learned the hard truth about rental assistance programs. The money given is not from an unlimited supply, they come from government grants and donations. That particular year, they had received a donation of about $3000. Apart from the rental assistance program, there were several other programs that were going to get some of the funds as well. Leaving only $1500 to be disbursed.

Rental assistance programs simply can not give what they do not have. With so many needs to fill, there just was not enough to go around. There is no guarantee that any organization that applies is even going to get funding that year.

This is where WE come in. One of the main reasons I created Lash and Shadow was not only to help support my family but to have a way to help others in need as well. Frankly, we need your help in order to accomplish this goal.


Lash and Shadow wants to give back to the communities that give us so much in return. We need you to tell us who you would like to help the most. This will take place over the course of a few months. The organizations or churches that receive the most votes will be whittled down until we have the right place to receive the funds available to distribute.

The best part is, this decision will be made every year. Connect with us on Twitter to help us start looking for organizations that combat homelessness.

Leave a message and let us know the name of the organization that you think deserves the money. The beginning of this process will take about 3 months, giving everyone an opportunity to voice their opinion.


First, we are asking everyone to connect with on Twitter and later Facebook will be added as well. Let us know which organization/church has a Homeless Prevention program that you would like to see the donation go to. This is a time-consuming process and should take about 3 months. We want to give everyone an opportunity to donate and voice their opinion.

The second part will be on us to choose the top 5. Once the top 5 are chosen a poll will go up on Twitter. We will ask everyone to vote to determine the ultimate recipient of the donation.

Lastly, once the organization/church is chosen arrangements will be made to donate the money. If it possible for me to attend in person, then I will. Regardless, we will have a press release naming the organization and allowing them to give a statement regarding the donation.

This is not the work of a moment. This is something that we want to do every year. The process of finding another worthy recipient will begin once the previous donation process has closed.

Tell us what you think about this plan and which organization you think is worthy of this donation. Remember the church/organization has to have a program that is geared towards Homeless Prevention.