How to Get Lush Lashes

You’ve seen the photos in magazines and stared at the television during yearly award shows that crowd the television networks. Of course, the dress is awesome and the hair divine, but it is the eyes that capture the most attention. Lush lashes that seem to fall like feathers as they grace cheeks when winked at the camera. With the eyes being the window to the soul, your lashes are the shades that should make someone want to look in.


Aah, the most used and least understood the product in our beauty bag. For most of us, as long as it is black and makes our lashes visible we will use anything. However, this state of mind leads to us not knowing how or what to look for in a decent mascara that will create the lush lashes we crave.

If you follow any type of advertising you are probably aware that mascara wands come in different types, right? And depending on who makes it, the wands come in different colors too.

Now here is a trick question: Do you know why they come in different shapes (the color doesn’t matter)? Probably not. And you know what? Most of us don’t know, we assume that a mascara wand is a mascara wand. Which is probably why we have so much trouble finding the perfect one to enhance our lashes.

For example, a mascara wand that looks or shaped like:

A ball tip – is designed to curl the corner lashes

Pine Cone – great for cat eyes as it lengthens corner lashes

Thin and straight – provides even coverage as it coats the lashes individually

Pic from Marlena Stell- How to Apply Mascara Like a Pro

These are just a few examples of the differences between mascara wands and what to expect. There are several others, all with different purposes. You would think that enhancing your eye lashes would be straight forward, but alas; knowing this will go a long way into achieving your lush lash goals. If you thought a thin and straight wand was supposed to do more, it might be a good idea to check out the type of mascara you are using.

Unfortunately, the difference in mascara wand and mascara can be something like six in one; hand half a dozen in the other. Also, keep in mind that additional mascara wands can be ordered or found in places like Walmart. Just be sure to look at the brushes so that you get the results you are looking for.

You may also be surprised to learn that there are more than 5 types of mascara. Of course, this is probably why most women are confused as to what it is they are getting. Not to mention the combination of mascara and wand requires teamwork. Just like wands, each type of mascara has a different function as well.

For example:

Covergirl LashBlast Volumizing Mascara

Volumizing Mascara –  When you are looking to enhance your eyelashes this mascara is something you should try. Like the one on our left also called “thickening” mascara. The ingredients will help to add thickness and density to thin lashes making them look lusher.

Primer Mascara – this will help your lashes be a bit more receptive to the application of the mascara. Primer encourages longer wear, less smearing and also aids in less clumping.

Curling Mascara – are your eyelashes on the straight and narrow? Try a mascara that will enhance your lashes by giving them more definition and a little curl.

Try a few different mascaras and see what you like. The type of wand inside does make a difference in the results, but the manufactures typically design the wand to match. However, wands can be ordered in bulk separately.

          Eye Lash Extensions

Called by different names eyelash extensions or falsies, have been in use for ages….think actresses. While Anne Taylor owns the patent (1911), it’s Seena Ownes character in the movie Intolerance (1916) that made added them to our beauty bags. The director of the film, D.W. Griffith decided her lashes were not long enough and he wanted lashes that “brushed her cheeks.” Since then fake eyelashes have come in and out of fashion for Hollywood and the everyday woman.

Through the use of real or synthetic materials, fake lashes can create dramatically lush lashes in very little time. Just as hair extensions or hair tracks make it possible to save time “doing” your hair in the morning, fake lashes do the same for your makeup routine.

Fake lashes are made with a variety of animal or synthetic fibers. The usual materials of the lashes include horsehair, silk, mink, sable, human hair, etc. Of course, each type varies in quality and price.  Keep in mind though that “real” falsies are typically hand made from either human hair or animal hair (fur) which makes them better quality; but as previously mentioned “pricier”.

Synthetic eye lashes can still be found made with good quality materials such as silk or faux mink. Both are good quality options and great substitutions in lieu of possible animal cruelty.

False eyelashes can be found in separate pieces or on strips for easy application with or without tweezers. They are also a wonderful friend during those moments when you think mascara won’t hold up such as weddings and graduations.

Trcoveric 3D Fake Eyelashes

Extensions are usually applied about 1mm from the actual skin with a little glue. As your natural lashes grow out, the extension will eventually come off on it is own. No muss, no fuss. These are great because you do not have to use the whole thing. If you have gaps in your lashes, these can be used to fill them in.

Strips – can be found with either a clear or black band. With a little adhesive you can attach the lash either one or two strips per eye. I myself prefer the strips because all I can think of is poking myself in the eye with the tweezers.

Comb it

Yes, that might sound weird, but it will definitely help in getting the lush lash look. Primarily an eyelash comb is used to assist in getting the clumps out of your mascara. However, they can be used alone to get more definition or simply to straighten lashes curly lashes.

The types are fairly straightforward with an eyelash comb/eyebrow brush being the most prominent in many grocery or drugstores. Take a look at the different offerings and see, what works for you and your lashes.

If you really need a better quality option look online or in beauty supply stores.

Keep it simple

Obtaining lush lashes is not something you have to sigh about when you see your favorite celeb or even your best friend. You got this. Try a few different mascaras to create your opening look, and if you need to pick up a different mascara wand; do it.

As far as the cringe-worthy lash extensions, that will be alright too. Take a look here and grab a few to practice with. Not only will you gain expertise in application, but you will discover new looks you can create with little to no effort.

Everywhere you go it is all about the lash and getting a lush one is only a blink away.

5 thoughts on “How to Get Lush Lashes

  1. This is great information for someone like me that does not know enough about anything I put on my face. My friends tell me I don’t do enough, but I think I look just fine … LOL But I am going to give this a try. As I have gotten older, it seems my lashes are not as thick and full as they used to be. I would like to have thicker, fuller lashes. So I need the volumizing mascara right?

    1. Hello Matts Mom,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, volumizing mascara will give your lashes a fuller look so that you’ll be ready for your close up. Also don’t forget your primer, your mascara will wear longer and clump less.
      We’ll be letting our readers show off their best Lash and Shadow looks, so keep your eyes peeled for how to be apart of Lash and Shadow

    1. Hello Holly,

      I am so happy we could give you a hand. Primer is one of those things most of us don’t think about, but should be apart of our beauty kits.

      Keep your eyes open for an upcoming way show off your lushest of lashes and be apart apart of Lash and Shadow.

      Thank you for stopping by and we hope you return for more tips and tricks

  2. Incredible! I had no idea there are so many types.
    I remember the last time I bought one. I was like: “I just want one that doesn’t get dry” 😆

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