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Ok so we had a bit of fun describing the different ways that our lashes, shadows and gems have surprised us. I mean really baked eye shadow? Who thought of that, and why wasn’t it me? Sit back and enjoy or favorite picks across the site and maybe you will find a few favorites of your own.

e.l.f. Baked EyeShadow Palette

This was a hands down winner. Not only is it one of the top rated brands it really stood up to its name. Ok so this is 10 oven baked shades that will provide smooth application and offer the rich pigmentation that we have come to know and love about baked eye shadows. Like I mentioned before this was a new product for me last year, but I have since become very acquainted. e.l.f has been one of my favorite brands due to the consistent quality of the ingredients that comprise their products. Not to mention it really holds up to my day on the run. Oh and e.l.f is a Vegan product which is another bonus.

Remember what I said about needing a lot of brushes? Well, your going to need one with this palette, it doesn’t have one. But since I keep plenty it was not a deal breaker.

e.l.f. bakede.l.f. is an easy product to find, and not as pricey as other comparable brands.

The Laura Geller New York runs about $24

Ulta Beauty goes for $32 with 5 less shades than e.l.f

Amazon $9.47  BEST BUY


20 Piece Unicorn Eye shadow Eyeliner Blending Crease Makeup Kit


20 Piece Unicorn Eyeshadow Brush SetFirst let us do the girl thing and squeal over how this set looks absolutely adorable. As you can see the set includes everything you need to start your eyeshadow brush kit including mascara wand and fan brush (which can be hard to come by in other kits).

Now the product description says that the bristles are soft and don’t shed (I tested that).  And they were right. After using for 3 weeks solid the brushes continued to be soft to the touch and the bristles showed no signs of shedding.

Now as we all like to watch our dollars, I looked around to see if I could find a comparable product under $10.  Got pretty close too.

My Brush Set  went for $14.99. While it contained the 20 pieces, I don’t think I’ll kick out the extra simply because it came in black and purple.

Ebay contained a few between the price points of $10-$12 but they didn’t even have 15 pieces.

Amazon $9.39 Best Buy


Nyx Professional Makeup Setting Spray- Matte Finish

There is one product I trust to keep my eyes looking good all year long and in all types of weather. The formula is very light weight and non-sticky once it dries; which only takes a few seconds. 

While I would not suggest thinking that you are going to run a marathon in full eye makeup and get away with it, Nyx did a great job with this formula.

Nyx is another product that is fairly easy to find and pricing is usually within about 1-3 dollars of your chosen place to get it.

Ulta is letting it go for $7.99

Kohl’s is going for $8.00

Amazon has it for $5.59 Best Buy

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