Spring Beauty Tips to Update Your Beauty Bag

As spring begins to roll around the corner in all its splendor, it generally dawns on us that our winter beauty routine may need a bit of sprucing up. Now, don’t worry. That beautiful mauve eyeshadow can still have its place in your new routine, this is not a discussion on replacing all your eyeshadows to suit the latest trends. If you want to pick up the latest spring look, go for it; however, these tips will still have you looking fantastic in no time.

Nothing says spring like those puffy peepers. With the onslaught of pollen and sometimes changing seasonal habits, these little bags can look like they are carrying 60 bucks in groceries. Stay calm and relax there are several solutions to help reduce those little baggies.


11 Best Ways To Naturally Treat Under Eye Circles + Puffiness

by Lindsey Johnson

This article contains some great natural remedies to include our old stand-bys tea-bags and cucumbers. It’s nice to know that these little tips are still relevant. Not only can these tips be used to enhance your spring beauty routine, but will help your lashes and shadows look good all year round. The downside is that many remedies involve you having to be stationary for 15-30 min or risk something falling off your face and into the laundry.

Never fear, if you are not a DIY kinda girl, head over to our Beauty Bag for several 24k eye masks that will also do the trick. Eye masks are great as the adhesive keeps them in place and out of your food while you wait to remove them.

Visine is always a great standby for those itchy, watery eyes (omg-sounds like a commercial). Nice small bottle fits easily inside your tote so you do not forget it by mistake. By the way, a pair of cute sunglasses would not hurt either. On windy days, no matter how much Visine you use you are going to have irritated eyes. Help them and your spring beauty routine out with a pair of sunglasses.

Out With the Old

Ok, so some of that old stuff is gonna have to go. Or better yet, simply rotated from your hibernating stash of supplies. One of the best items for the stash or trash routine are the eyeshadow brushes. Once you have two or three decent sets running around, you’ll find that you need to stash them someplace so they are not everywhere.

Do not pack away dirty brushes. It defeats the purpose of having a “fresh” set for the new season¬†if they are caked with dirt. Go through your brushes and be sure that they are intact, not shedding and in otherwise good working order.

Now since I know this can be a time-consuming part of our spring beauty routine, it does make it worth the investment of good cleaner and dryer to make this go faster.


Larhmhoi Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

Of course, another item you may want to get rid of is old mascara. I know, I know your old standby still looks good but after about 3 months you really should get rid of it. Not to mention any wands you didn’t take such great care of. No worries as you can get replacement mascara wands in a blink of an eye. And they come in packs, easy peasy.


And in With the New

So yeah, you are gonna have to get some new eyeshadow palettes. I am pretty sure that those cream eyeshadows you have been dipping into all winter could use some freshening up. Shimmer eyeshadow palettes look great during spring along with your new spring duds.

There is joy to meet the eye when you look around at all the great shadows and shades that may only come out during this time of year. Just do not forget to pack some of them away to spruce up next seasons look. With all the hot articles out for spring, there is a new look waiting for you.


All this talk of sprucing up my beauty bag has me ready to get moving. So let’s go and get our spring beauty routine together and be ready to rock it out come spring.