Summertime Makeup Tricks to Beat the Heat

Woohoo, it’s finally summertime, the temperatures are scorching and nothing is worse than realizing your carefully placed lashes and shadows are in a puddle on the ground 10 ft away from you. But don’t close yourself indoors just yet. Here at Lash and Shadow, we have a few summertime makeup tricks for you to keep your look fresh all summer long.

Protection is a Plus

Yes, this is something you need to have in your beauty bag on the go. Sunscreen is uber important and helps keep your skin healthy and protected outside. And it will also do its part to help your summertime makeup look not fade before its time. And yes, regardless of the color of your skin you need to wear sunscreen.

For the best protection, sunscreen should be worn directly on the skin; underneath any foundation or eyeshadow. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the process goes like this:

1. Moisturizer – use a generous amount of moisturizer and allow to dry BEFORE applying sunscreen (about 15-20 min)

2. Sunscreen – Don’t be shy, grab it up and slather it on. Allow drying (20 min) before applying makeup.

Check this out — for more information on the differences in sunscreen and how to choose the right one for you.

More information–from the American Academy of Dermatology to help you decipher some of the most common languages in regards to sunscreen.

The ones who really need to worry are those with pale skin or redheads. Sorry guys your almost always going to burn. A few tips to help you out:

1. Wear a large floppy hat ( or carry an umbrella)– especially on days where the heat and humidity are wrestling for attention. It may seem weird to have an umbrella on a sunny day but trust me you will be a good 10-15 degrees cooler than those without

2 Sunglasses — protect your precious eyes.

3. Noxema — This works wonders with sunburns. The original formula is cooling to the skin and will help draw out the burn and keep you comfortable.

This lesson was hard learned one summer I spent babysitting. On the plus side, you can rest assured that this is a tried and true.

4. Cool baths — for the same reason we suggest the Noxema.

And for everyone, drink plenty of water. Not the flavored stuff either, good old-fashioned water to stay hydrated. 

Eyeliner and Mascara

Frankly, as the temperatures approach 95 degrees and higher, these are the only two products I worry about running down my face. I won’t trust falsies as the higher the temp or the more I sweat; the adhesive takes a vacation and the falsie comes right off. It’s a little hard to flirt with one lash tilted sideways.

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Waterproof Mascara in Black Brown has been a standby for me since I was introduced to it in 2016. I have tried numerous products before and this was simply the best. It held up even when I got caught without an umbrella during one of those nice summer storms.

The application is easy: Simply hold mascara wand near the base of eyelash and brush up. Gently.

This formula also comes in several other colors including Black and Burgundy, but as I was told it is not as good as the Brown Black–this is something I have not tested so, you may discover it works for you.

Liquid eyeliner will join the crowd during the heatwave. I know it may not be your favorite product, but the formulas are very resistant to heat and smudging. And trust me this is a real plus.

Eye Shadow

While every makeup artist has a few tricks up their sleeves that work with their preferred method you will find another who will tell you not to do that particular thing. I find that depending on your skin type, and where you live can take a toll on what will work for you.

Cream Shadows — hot as heck with humidity. I like how these hold up with little to no creasing as the temperature climbs.

Tinted Moisturizer — Yes, you can do a tinted moisturizer on the lids and as a concealer under the eye. Look, it’s hot outside and one of the best ways to make your face feel better is to lighten its load.

For a great summertime makeup look, you really want to keep it to a minimum. I know, we are huge fans of our eyeshadows and shades, but they are not always cooperative during hot and humid weather. Think of how Alicia Silverstone said in Clueless (1995) “from far away it’s ok, but up close it’s a big ol’ mess”.

Keeping it in Place

It does not matter how much your mascara or eye shadow says it can handle the heat, but when it’s a cool 100 degrees in the shade the promise starts to fade. And your eyeliners and mascaras start beating a path towards your cheeks.

Nyx Matte Finish

Now, a personal favorite and one you will find not only in my closet but in my beauty bag on the go…Nyx Matte Finish Setting Spray.

In the words of a very good friend ” awesome sauce”! And she was right, this is a great product. In the regular course of the day, and this included a nice 2-mile walk in said 100 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, and my eyeliner and mascara were still in place.

You should reapply after that kind of walkthrough, especially if it is mostly in the sun. Also remember, that NOT touching your face will help this product help you. If you are rubbing your eyes, nothing is going to help.

Final Tips

The key to keeping your summertime makeup routine hot all summer is to lighten it up. Less really is more, and as you have seen we certainly cleaned out our beauty bags(it was also to make room for that bottled water). Some of our most fabulous looks will only hold up if taken very good care of.

Keep the focus on 3 main things:

  1. Protection
  2. Hydration
  3. Setting spray

Ok, well sue me about the last one, not rhyming. But trust and believe, that if you keep these three things in mind, your summer look will get better every year.